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Why Is Digital Healthcare App Development A Need Of The Hour?

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With covid-19 presenting a massive challenge to the world, digital healthcare popped up as one great option. The issue that needs immediate address is for healthcare providers to develop mobile health apps that operate smoothly and prove to be helpful to both – patients and medical professionals.

It is imperative for such solutions to be sustainable, relevant, and competent while keeping in mind the competition in contemporary times.

The professionals belonging to this field aim to establish a robust mHealth strategy that finds universal application. Since apps bring businesses and people way closers, developing healthcare applications seems like an apt solution.

Therefore, entrepreneurs are investing their energy, time and money to build better health solutions that are digitally available and accessible. The goal here, is to connect patients and caregivers, etc., in a dynamic, quick and efficient manner!

What do we understand by digital healthcare?

From 1990 itself, the world started witnessing the adoption of electronic medical records. 

This is closely related to the concept of UHC – Universal Health Care. Digital healthcare has this concept as a predecessor.

By digital health, we mean a combination of healthcare and technology. Its aim is to improve medical services and making them cost-effective and accessible for all. 

Patients can now seek advice, monitor their health and get well faster by using innovative technologies like wearables, applications tracking real-time data and ingestible sensors! 

A multi-disciplinary domain, digital healthcare comprises of multiple stakeholders. These scientists, teachers, researchers, etc. have rich experience in several fields like –health economics, data management, medicine, social sciences, engineering, etc.

It signifies the convergence of digital technologies with the living for the purpose of providing healthcare services. 

These services rely on information and communication technologies (ICT). This way they are able to facilitate the understanding of diseases and other related challenges faced by people who are ailing and receiving treatments.

What about important related statistics?

The stats reflect upon the success of these platforms and also how the world is perceiving them. So, let all of us take a look at the data to understand things better! 

According to Statista:

- The total health industry funding globally in the year 2020 was a whopping 13.9 billion US dollars!

- The estimated prediction for the Global EHR/EMR market for 2025 is 38 billion US dollars.

- In 2020, the value of the global digital health market was over 200 billion US dollars.

How well do they fare on users’ expectations?

Mobile apps designed for smart devices allow users in general and patients in particular, to access information which is essential, as and when they need it. As a result, one doesn’t have to necessarily depend on clinics, hospitals or wait in queue for consultation calls.

This works wonderfully as no time gets wasted, engagement through such platforms increases along with customer satisfaction. This in turn, creates an impressive image for a health application.

In present times, health systems are becoming active and agile; mHealth apps are to be given credit for that as well. Developers, too are coming up with better and more innovative options – all this is bound to benefit care seekers and healthcare professionals.

Crucial steps in developing such apps

  1. Everything starts with identifying an existing problem and seeking solutions to address the same. Therefore, this is the foremost thing that you need to focus on – trace down an issue that needs immediate address.
  2. Know everything about your target audience. Yes! From their likes, dislikes to their preferences and how they have been accepting apps by your peers – you must know it all. This is a must to fare well in any domain!
  3. Ensure that the User Interface (UI) is simple, interactive and not too complex. Difficult to use UI’s do not fare well amongst users and the apps end up not getting used!
  4. Keep the experts near you and never stop seeking their help!
  5. Testing is one crucial step. Here you can trace the bugs and errors, if any and present a fantastic app to the users!

To sum things up

Healthcare services can be easily availed with smartphones now! They are equivalently helping professionals and care seekers – newer technologies transforming all walks of life.

They are serving important purposes as well. These innovative, smart options are helping patients and their kin. 

Do you have an idea based on similar notions? 

Do you wish to establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur and serve people too?

If a definite yes is your answer, then reach out to us at Techugo today! We have been catering to business ventures across the globe and are known for delivering the best with finesse. Ours is a team of experienced and competent experts. 

We are an innovation hub and are your go-to place for healthcare app development. So, wait no more and link in today – witness the change yourself!

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